America’s Brightest

“America’s Brightest is a New American Impact Innovation & Investment Company, endeavoring to become a world leader in the origination and
development of Impact Wealth Innovations.”

Our purpose and drive is to strategically position, impact, develop and champion, compelling and valuable Impact Investments which generate New Wealth Potential and Generational Dividends.

Mark A. Mona, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of America’s Brightest is a transformational leader, innovator and expert strategist, who’s life work is to inspire, enrich and impact people, partners and future generations by designing, developing and championing brilliant and significant Impact Wealth Partnerships.

Over the course of his professional career, Mark has led as President and or Chief Executive Officer of innovative, growth and high profit-high purpose companies with award winning achievement in Investment Grade Real Estate Development. As an expert strategist, creative business force and purpose driven relationship builder, Mark is forging Five Star Impact Partnerships, New American Impact Investments and a new class of Impact Wealth with his company America’s Brightest. Mark’s Full Bio

We invite you to join us on our Quest for Impact Wealth:
A wealth of greater brilliance, significance and enduring impact.